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Fixed Price Treatments

Fixed Price Treatments

At The Veterinary Wellness Centre, we believe in providing clear and transparent pricing for your peace of mind. Our Fixed Price Treatments offer exceptional value with no unexpected costs or charges. Discover a comprehensive range of services, including alternative treatments, designed to ensure your pet receives the care they deserve without compromising your budget.

  1. Value for Money: We understand the importance of affordable yet high-quality pet care. Our Fixed Price Treatments are designed to offer exceptional value, allowing you to provide the best for your pet without breaking the bank.
  2. No Unexpected Costs: Say goodbye to surprise bills. Our transparent pricing means you know exactly what to expect. No hidden fees or unexpected costs, just straightforward and honest care for your furry friend.
  3. Comprehensive Range of Services: From routine check-ups to alternative treatments, our Fixed Price Treatments cover a comprehensive range of services. Whether your pet needs a regular health assessment or a special alternative therapy, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Alternative Treatments Included: Embrace a holistic approach to your pet’s well-being. Our Fixed Price Treatments encompass not only conventional services but also alternative treatments like acupuncture, herbal care, and more. We believe in offering diverse options for your pet’s optimal health.

Our Commitment to Transparent Pet Care:

At The Veterinary Wellness Centre, transparency is at the core of our service. We are committed to providing clear, honest, and fixed pricing so that you can make informed decisions about your pet’s care. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, and our Fixed Price Treatments reflect this commitment.

           £1 per day (£365 per year paid monthly)

  • All consultations with a vet or nurse (except those listed below under referral consultations)
  • Vaccinations and/or titre testing (including kennel cough)
  • Worm egg counts
  • Targeted anti-parasite treatment (worms, ticks, fleas)
  • Age-appropriate blood and urine tests

Consultation (standard) £50

Consultation (condition review) £40

Nurse consultation £35

Consultation – Puppy/kitten litter check £100

Consultation – second opinion (seen elsewhere) £100

Dog booster vaccination £75

Dog KC vaccination £45

Cat booster (indoor only) £80

Cat booster (indoor+outdoor) £90

Dog primary vaccination course £125

Cat primary vaccination course (indoor only) £125

Cat primary vaccination course (indoor+outdoor) £150

Cat castrate £90

Cat spay £160

Dog castrate £250-350 (weight dependent)

Bitch spay £350-500 (weight dependent)

Cat dental scale and polish £350

Cat dental grade 1 (up to three simple extractions) £450

Cat dental grade 2 (complex extractions) £800

Cat dental grade 3 (multiple complex extractions) £1000

Dog dental scale and polish £450

Dog dental grade 1 (up to 3 simple extractions) £550

Dog dental grade 2 (complex extractions) £900

Dog dental grade 3 (multiple complex extractions) £1250

All of the above include general anaesthetic, pain relief (during and post-operative), full oral examination and dental chart, intravenous fluids if required, full mouth dental xrays as required, local anaesthetic blocks for extractions, suturing extraction sites

Acupuncture £25 (add-on to consultation fee)

Acupuncture – block of four sessions £250 (consultations included)

Laser therapy £25 (add-on to consultation fee)

Electroacupuncture £35 (add-on to consultation fee)

Electroacupuncture – block of four sessions £300 (consultations included)

These are available to our own clients, or those registered elsewhere for day-to-day veterinary care and have been referred by a veterinary colleague for a specific condition.

Consultation – Integrated Care £125

holistic examination, herbal/botanical medicine, advanced pain clinic, including nutrition

Consultation – Nutritional consultation £60

includes bespoke home-made recipe if requested, advice on traditional, cooked and raw commercial foods

Consultation – Rehab/Hydrotherapy £80 first, subsequent £65

includes laser therapy and physio assessment as required

Stem cell implant up to 2 joints £1850

Additional pair of joints £350

includes anaesthetic for harvesting fat, processing and growth of stem cells, and sedation/anaesthetic and implantation

Cryobank storage of stem cells £90

Implant banked stem cells (up to 2 joints) £1500

PRP treatment (up to 4 large joints) £600

PRP-HA treatment (up to 4 large joints) £700

includes blood collection, processing, sedation and joint injections

6-week rehab program post stem cell or PRP/PRP-HA implant £550

includes veterinary assessment, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and laser treatment as appropriate

Faecal transplant £600

includes general anaesthetic, enema, processing and infusion of transplant faeces


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