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Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly

At The Veterinary Wellness Centre, we understand that cats are more than just pets; they’re cherished family members with unique needs and sensitivities. Our cat-friendly services are designed to provide your feline companions with an environment where they feel comfortable, safe, and truly understood.

Tailored Cat Spaces:

From the moment your cat steps through our doors, they enter a world crafted with their well-being in mind. Our cat-friendly approach begins with a dedicated cat waiting area, thoughtfully separated from dogs, to ensure a calm and stress-free experience.

Consulting Rooms Designed for Cats:

Our separate cat consulting rooms have been thoughtfully designed to cater to cats’ distinct preferences. These quiet and inviting spaces offer the perfect setting for consultations, examinations, and discussions about your cat’s health.

Comfortable Cat Wards:

We recognize that cats thrive in an environment that echoes their home comforts. Our separate cat wards are designed with cosy spaces where your cat can rest, recover, and receive the care they need. Whether it’s for post-operative recovery or observation, your cat’s comfort is our top priority.

Isolation Wards for Cats:

In situations where isolation is required, our cat-friendly isolation wards provide a serene and secure environment. Your cat’s well-being and safety are paramount, and we ensure they receive the attention and care they deserve even during isolation.

Genuine Low-Stress Handling:

Our team shares a genuine interest in low-stress handling and creating cat-friendly environments. We understand that cats have unique sensitivities, and we go the extra mile to make every interaction as calm and comfortable as possible. Our staff is trained in techniques that prioritize your cat’s well-being, from gentle handling to soothing interactions.

A Place Where Cats Thrive:

At The Veterinary Wellness Centre, our cat-friendly services create a haven where your feline companions can thrive. Whether it’s routine check-ups, care, or recovery, our cat-centric approach ensures that your cat receives the attention and respect they deserve.

Experience a new level of feline care with us. Welcome to a place where cats are not just patients but valued members of our family.


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